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Why Anti-Virus is A Must Have?
By Michael Russell

If you own a computer then you better own anti-virus software too. Anti-virus software will help you keep your computer protected from worms, Trojans, spyware, adware and more. There are thousands of different viruses that your computer can be exposed to and without anti-virus software you are bound to get a virus on your computer at some point. In fact, without anti-virus software, you computer is a major crash just waiting to happen and such crashes can be quite costly in the end.

Viruses can be caught on your computer when you open emails, when you download documents or just by visiting various websites. Some viruses are a low threat and may only clog up your computer with unneeded spyware and your computer will consequently run a lot slower than it should. Other viruses will frequently corrupt files, delete files and rename files and if you attempt to remove certain viruses, they will even rename themselves and reinstall themselves when you reboot your computer. Such viruses are particularly difficult to get rid of and it is far better to have virus fighting software to destroy the virus before it can have its effect on your computer.

Some viruses can get into your address box and spread themselves from one user to another via email. It is not uncommon for an email worm to attach itself to emails that you send or even automatically send itself to everyone in your address book. So, it is good to have anti-virus software so that you can scan every email you receive before you open it. This way, the email virus doesn't have a chance of being installed on your computer. Corrupted emails can immediately be quarantined and deleted.

Anti-virus software is easy to install and only takes a few minutes to update. You should update any you have installed on a regular basis, as new viruses are always being created. All you have to do is click on update anti-virus software and your virus definitions and virus fighting tools will be immediately updated when you are using an Internet connection. You should be certain that all of your anti-virus software applications are updated every two weeks or a minimum of once a month.

Although you can get anti-virus software off the Internet for free, it is always better to buy the full version from the manufacturer so that you can be eligible for regular updates and you get all of the features in the full version. Likewise, the small investment you make now in an anti-virus program can save you a fortune later in computer repairs. Remember, many computer technicians can make fifty dollars an hour or more and if you have a virus on your computer that is particularly destructive, you can wind up paying your computer technician quite a bundle. You can also be sure that even though the computer technician may be quite pleased with the fact that you are paying him or her a bundle, you will not be very happy at the expenses you will incur.

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